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Sarah J Dhue



Born in Illinois USA

Studied Graphic Design at Southern New Hampshire University.

I'm a local fiction author born and raised in the Alton/Godfrey area of southern Illinois. I have been writing since I was in elementary school, and self-publish my creative fiction, with fifteen published books to date.  I also have writing that has appeared in the Alton High School 'Calliope' and Lewis and Clark Community College's 'Peppermint Rooster Review.'  I love networking with other writers and artists of other media.

As well as an author, I am a graphic designer and photographer with a broad range of photographic techniques.   I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign and have been studying photography & graphic design for over a decade.  I have also studied web design and social media management.

  • I graduated Alton High School as the recipient of the Career and Technical Education Outstanding Student Award for Graphic Communications I in 2012.

  • I was the recipient of an Outstanding Digital Photography Student Award at Lewis and Clark April 2014.

  • I was the recipient of a Design Student of the Year Award at Lewis and Clark April 2015.

  • I was  the Peppermint Rooster Review - Cover Contest Winner at Lewis and Clark April 2015.

  • I have been a finalist in 4 Photographer's Forum photography contests.

Check out my portfolio by clicking here.

Sarah J Dhue

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