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Graphic Design

Lumi Balls
Colby & Deborah Wedding Invitation
Balance Dance Logo
2015 Book Bundle Bookmarks
Writing Group Agenda
Timor full cover
Portal Guitar poster
Kathrine Cards Back
Service Support Logo
Alyssa & Chris Wedding Invitation
CMYK Zebra
LCCC Art Faculty Exhibition postcard
3-Book Bundle Summer 2015 Flyer
LCCC's 2015 Peppermint Rooster Cover
Hollywood Sandwiches Menu Brochure
Sarah J Dhue Photos Youtube banner
Night Stalker eBook Cover
USB Mock Ad - Logo Blurred
Deer Hunter guitar
Megan & Adam Save the Date
For Two Cold Minutes full cover
Service Support Logo SemiFinal
Senior Photos 2015-16 Flyer
"Return" Illustration (from 'Timor: Volume I')
Lip Balm Mock Ad - Logo Blurred
Creative Concepts
Cuppa Words Shirt Mockup
Legend of Sleepy Hollow full cover
My Business Cards
Violin Pen Tool Tutorial
LCCC Student Art Exhibition Postcard
Centene NextGen Logo
Prototype Energy Drink Cans, 3D
ICCSAA flyer
Shoe Mock Ad - Logo Blurred

Sarah J Dhue's graphic design section: anything from Logos, to Ads, to Flyers, and more! Check out her Redbubble account by clicking the icon below.






Most designs previewed here are not purchasable to general public.  To learn more,                        Sarah J Dhue.

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