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Book Delivery Service

Hello readers!  As we all know, COVID-19 has really changed the way things have gone for everyone these past few months.  One thing that was really changed for me is the indefinite rain check for my local author event, Writers of the Riverbend.  As a result, I have several copies of my books on hand.  I wanted to come up with a creative way to still sell these books and connect with fans without having to charge crazy shipping because books are expensive to ship  I saw a lot of my local small businesses coming up with innovative ways to connect with consumers and still run their business.  And that gave me the idea to offer a book delivery service to readers in my area.  Here is the cool thing: there is NO DELIVERY FEE.

To learn more or order books, visit the Book Delivery Page.

Writers of the Riverbend date TBD
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Writers of the Riverbend: RESCHEDULED

Writers of the Riverbend is being postponed with the date To Be Determined once things return to some sense of normalcy.  I would like to emphasize that it is NOT being cancelled – only rescheduled.  Those who have signed up will be kept in the loop via email, and I will post updates here as I know things. Sign-up will remain open and anyone who signs up during this period will be put on the email list.


Learn more or sign up by visiting our page dedicated specifically to Writers of the Riverbend.  And Join the event on Facebook by clicking the icon below.

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Video Guest with The Sunken Press

I was the first guest on The Sunken Press' new newscast promoting myself as a writer, my tenth book, and raising awareness about the local writing community as a whole on February 8th!  Video coming soon!

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