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Sarah J Dhue is a fiction author.  Her writing has appeared in both the Alton High School 'Calliope' and Lewis and Clark Community College's 'Peppermint Rooster Review.'  She has also published fourteen books to date and worked as a contractor for an editorial company writing taglines, keywords, book descriptions, back cover copy, and author bios for books.  Learn more about her writing here.


Sarah J Dhue's ebook central is live!  Click on the links below to download ebooks directly from Lulu or from any of the other sites you get your ebooks from including Kindle, Nook, and more!

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Welcome to Lake Vautour Book Fest winner.jpg

Sarah's first literary award! Her book Welcome to Lake Vautour was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Thriller - Supernatural fiction category of the Fall 2023 The Bookfest Awards!

Click the links below to purchase a copy of her award-winning book.

  • Lulu Welcome to Lake Vautour
  • Books2Read

Check out my appearances on Riverbender's 'Our Daily Show' podcast by clicking the dated links below.  I talk Writers of the Riverbend, my books, and creativity in our community!

  • Our Daily Show Jan 4 2023
  • Our Daily Show Sept 5 2023

Check out my appearance on WBGZ's 'Let's Talk' by clicking the dated links below.  I talk Writers of the Riverbend, my books, and creativity in our community!

  • WBGZ Jan 23
  • WBGZ Sept 23
Burial Plot.png

Check out my guest appearance on the horror writing podcast, The Burial Plot Podcast.  In Episode 10 of this spooky podcast I discuss horror writing, self-publishing, trying out new genres, and my latest book Welcome to Lake Vautour with co-hosts Brenda S. Tolian and Joy Yehle.


Check out the episode anywhere you stream your podcasts by clicking the first icon below.  You can also check out a video version of the podcast on Youtube.  And be sure to Like and Follow The Burial Plot Podcast on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Burial Plot Ep 10
  • Burial Plot Ep 10
  • The Burial Plot Podcast
  • The Burial Plot Podcast
Timor: Volume IV

My latest book, Timor: Volume IV, has been published and is available to order!

Click the icons below to Like our Facebook Page and order your own copy!

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  • Timor: Volume IV
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Demented is available on Lulu and Amazon!  I also want to remind you all that not only did Ellie Taylor help with the cover art, she also drew 17 illustrations featured throughout the novel as well!

DISCLAIMER: While this book was inspired by the game Dementium II, it is a standalone novel that does not require any prior knowledge of the game.

I would love to give one more shoutout to Gregg Hargrove at Infitizmo for being an absolute peach!

Click the links below to order your copy of Demented, Like the book Page on Facebook, and view the game trailer.

  • Demented the book
  • Books2Read
  • Demented
  • Dementium II Trailer

Get your Monsters merch from the Monsters Redbubble Store: available on

T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, throw pillows, mugs, tote bags, and more!!

Click the icon below to visit the store. 

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Check out my Author Youtube channel.  This channel is for sharing the music I listened to while writing each of my books with you, so you can know the 'moods' I was going for and get a little more insight into my tastes/inspiration.  Click the link below to visit my writing jams.

  • YouTube

Check this video from Writers of the Riverbend 2017 - me and other authors with our work.  Filmed by The Unseen Stars.

  • YouTube
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