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In addition to Computer Graphics and Photography, Sarah J Dhue also studied Social Media Management and is currently pursuing a degree in Web Design.  She has created and operates several forms of social media for herself and her books, as well as creating and sometimes even managing social media accounts for clients. 


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Freelance Graphic Design & Photography Contractor, Author

Three-time Photographer's Forum finalist, Sarah J Dhue is a local photographer, photo editor, and graphic designer in the Alton/Godfrey area that has a broad range of photographic and design techniques. She hopes to someday travel the world taking photographs.

Sarah J Dhue's Flickr, where she shares a lot of her photos.

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Photo Editor.

This is my blog about photography and writing, with sprinkles of graphic design, basic life concepts, and fun.

Sarah J Dhue is a fiction author. She self publishes her fiction via Lulu.com and has 4 published books to date. She self publishes her fiction via Lulu.com and has 4 published books to date.

I am Sarah J Dhue, I write.

I am Sarah J Dhue. I am an author, as well as a photographer & graphic designer. I've been writing since I was in elementary school. I live in Illinois. My favorite genres are horror/suspense, paranormal, & sci-fi. I enjoy writing short stories(shorts), books, and poetry.

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An independently owned and operated photography / graphic design / architectural company.

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